--W - E - L - C - O - M - E --

It has been a long time...
Silver Over Black, White, Yellow, and Red , 1948 by Jackson Pollock

I have dreamed of some places repeatedly. These places look familiar by now, and each time I visit them again in my sleep I get a cosy feeling. 
For some of them I like being there again. I feel excited.  For others my presence there is a sign of worry rather than joy.

One such place is a huge city. I guess it is New York, although there is no landmark or any other sign in my dream that would identify that place with a particular city. Perhaps it is my want to visit her that presents itself.
It is a big city with large avenues that are lined with tall buildings. It is sunny in my dream, and there are a lot of people going around. There are a lot of tourists and you get the feeling of these so busy streets you see in the American movies.

There is an atmosphere of constant movement, of expectation and excitement, as if all the people are having a good time.

I walk in the crowd and I get to visit different places in the city, myself taking part in this joyful atmosphere.
Στην Κέρκυρα ξανά

Chimes at Midnight
Directed by Orson Welles

Μία συρραφή σεξπηρικών έργων με σκηνοθέτη και πρωταγωνιστή τον Orson Welles. Μπορεί η πλοκή της ταινίας να μην σε απορροφά, ωστόσο το υποκριτικό ταλέντο του Welles και η σκηνοθεσία του είναι καταπληκτικές. Το κείμενο είναι γραμμένο σε σεξπηρικό τόνο και αυτό ίσως κουράζει, ωστόσο παραμένει όμορφο και ιδιαίτερο. 

The American Friend

Directed by Wim Venders, 1977
based on Patricia Highsmith's novel Ripley's Game
A peaceful portrait framer with a sharp eye for art pieces gets involved in a vicious circle of murders. 
The films does convey P. Highsmith's psychological suspense, with the main characters trapped in their own guilt and remorse.

Μάνη με την Ellie Love

La Isla Minima
Spain, 2014 

It is the 80's in Franco's Spain, and two policemen arrive in a rural village in southern Spain to investigate the disappearance of two teenage sisters.

As they get down to work, they realize that the eventual murder of these girls is only the last incident in a string of violent murders of young girls.

The secretive environment of provincial life takes time to open up and let cracks reveal its ugly underside; poverty, conservatism, drug trade. However, the persistent cops undercover the murderer, although the better-connected accomplices remain in the dark.

I had a long time to watch such an absorbing film. The plot is tight and the political environment of Franco's rule is present in the background, with the policemen's political affiliations turning against each other. 
The Brain: A Beginner's Guide
Oneworld Publications, 2008
ISBN: 1851685944
9.99, 272pp

The History of Life: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press, 2008
ISBN: 0199226326
7.99, 184pp

De-centering Man from the centre of the Universe.

Some deep existential curiosity (and occasional anxiety) provokes me to read about the beginning of things; e.g. the beginning of language, of universe, of humans and their beliefs systems.

Although that might seem odd to Ellie, I find this endeavour very refreshing. As a friend once told me, I am like a teenager who keeps being surprised by his discovery of the world, by his asking of questions about matters settled for most adults.

Nature or Nurture?

Is human perception of the world a matter of the way we grow up or the way we are made? On the old philosophical question of Nature vs Nurture, I understand that reality lies between the two. We are basically biologically made to perceive the world in a certain way, but we are not monolithic but adaptable, especially in the early part of our lives. This is the point also made by The Brain: A Beginner's Guide.

Is consciousness based solely on biological processes or does it have a metaphysical side? I find myself biased towards the first option, and rather skeptical about things that seem to have no basis in real life. That becomes even more probable when somebody considers the evolution of life. The History of Life shows that humans are not but a very short chapter in the very long history of life's evolution. 

 Πρέβεζα, Αχέροντας, Νεκρομαντείο, Πάργα