Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction

The book deals primarily with the question of why do nations exist; and why belonging to a nation is so important to the way people construct their identities and build their affiliations. 

The author gives a persuasive answer as to what constitutes a nation; and explores the social, psychological and other reasons that make people perceive themselves as an organic part of a nation, divided from other nations; and the role of religion in that process. 

If you are looking for a historical treatise on the actual development of Nationalism and its wider implications in the route of History, you will be disappointed.

It would therefore be more appropriate if the book was entitled 'Nation' instead of 'Nationalism.'

The book is written in a scholarly manner; it is accessible, although not as much as other titles I have read in the VSI series (e.g. Racism, Globalisation, Humanism).

In short, reading it is not a waste of time, but it is rather off the topic.

160 pages 
Oxford University Press, 2005
£5.11 on Amazon.co.uk
ISBN: 0192840983

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