Rosemary's Baby

by Roman Polanski, 1968
With Mia Farrow, J. Kassavetes  

A young couple moves into an apartment in NY City. There they meet an old couple of neighbours, whose demanding behaviour becomes annoying at times. The girl is expecting a baby, but strange things happen...

The film's power lies in its ambiguity. Right to the end, the viewer is not able to decipher the characters' true motives; is the girl mentally stable or is she a victim of a satanic web built around her? Has her husband just sold his soul to the Devil so to improve his career prospects? Is their neighbours' overhelming behaviour a sign of their true interest or is there something sinister going on? The film keeps you guessing right to the end, and makes you wonder, "wow, do these things really happen???"

The movie manages to arouse and maintain your interest without the use of any special effects or violence. Mia Farrow is exceptional in the role of the young, vulnerable mother-to-be and John Cassavetes very persuasive in the role of the aspiring actor. The old couple make an exceptional appearance, they look funny and that makes their presence even spookier.

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