by Woody Allen

 The confused erotic lives of some New Yorkers in an Allen's film rather different from his rest.

A middle-aged Woody Allen has a relationship with a young girl, while his married male friend is in love with another woman (Diane Keaton).

Break-ups and reunions make up the story (or the lack of it) in a situation of unsatisfied erotic existences. Keaton is probably the girl you don't want to get involved with; insecure, confused and not knowing what she wants. 

I liked the film, as other Allen's films, for his humour and the fact that people express their insecurities. It left me though with a rather bitter aftertaste; was it the happy resolution of the film? Probably no. It would probably be because of that feeling of insecurity and unsatisfaction in the lonely life in the big city.

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