Introducing Film 
by G. Roberts H. Wallis 
192 pages
Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 0340762284 
£15.83 on amazon.co.uk 

Having made a collection of classic fims, especially of the 40's and 60's, I was looking for a book that would point to me what to look for when watching a film with a critical stance, so to get a better understanding and enjoyment out of it.

Introducing Film is indeed such a book. It offers a very accessible way into film studies. It is very well written and aimed at the unitiated. It is brief (170pp) and can be read within a weekend. It offers the starting points in various sub-fields of film studies, so you could take it from there and explore the topic of your interest further with other books. 

Its structure is very comprehensible and can be summarised as thus:
Mise en scene
The development of narrative
Classical Hollywood
The film industry outside of Hollywood
Representation, Audience and Spectatorship.

Examples from various films are offered throughout and the book ends with an analysis of the film Star Wars along the structure provided above.

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