Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around
a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening 
Salvador Dali, 1944

Unconsciousness break-ins

A hazy collage of moving images centering on my ex's.

Being to a student Hall party; a big, dark hall, wih lots of people. It's dirty, and there are a few big rooms. Many people, many girls. Loud music coming out of the main hall. The smell of drugs is pervasive. I mention it to my company - I don't know/ remember who this person is. 
I spot my latest ex. She passes by me non stop, a hazy smile on her face, rather indifferent and in a hurry. My company mentions she got slim, she is quite pretty. I think I preffered her the way she was before; she was slim already. I regret she doesn't care. 

More memories of my dreams unfold...

We are at a cafe (?), me and some male company, 3-4 more persons. A group of people sits close to us, it's mostly girls. No company has ordered yet. Somehow I open a conversation with one of the girls. Her company moves to another table, further away from us. She stays with me. There is a guy in her company. Finally her company comes to our table and they become a big group. I and the girl stay on a separate table, close to the group. 
A couple of her girlfriends is in our table; then they move to the group. The girl says she is working long hours. I realise she is rather plump, and doesn't really care about her appearance. I get disappointed that my enthusiasm fades and that my urge to do something is left unsatisfied - again.

I am at a beach, with my brother (?) and my two cousins I met yesterday. It is not sunny, nor hot. There is not enough space, but we manage to get comfortable.

I am at Nafpaktos, close to grandpa's house. I hear my aunt coming from further away. She is shouting helplessly, asking for help. I am rushing towards her. I find out she is not in danger (?).

I am on a highway, probably in the US, with a group of people I haven't met before. They are middle-aged. The guy that is in the same car with me is bearded. They are somehow my new colleagues, and we are moving to our working site (?). 

I am at Nafpaktos again. I have somehow taken on my new business duties. I go down the road that leads from my house to the city. I carefully check the sideways. Towards the end of the road there is a group of two guys. One of them is holding a hose and is watering the street. I recognise him. He is an unlikable person that I know; I used to rent a room at his house in London. I turn back and try not to be recognised. I think he does recognise me, but the guy he is conversing with doesn't let him go.

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