Ancient Corinth and Isthmia

Corinth was a very wealthy merchant city, on the gateway to Peloponnese, and with direct seaway connection to both Italy and Asia Minor. As the proverb stated, "Not for every man is the voyage to Corinth." The topography of the city still conveys a sense of businessmanship, with its many trading houses, great temples and large roads. Apostle Paul stayed for more than a year in the city too.

The greatest surprise though comes from the small and little-known museun of ancient Isthmia. Isthmia was the site of one of the few Pan-hellenic sports events. The museum hosts pieces of ancient wooden furniture and a whole wooden door. It is very rare for wood to be preserved in the long-term, but the specific conditions of the site where they came from made its survival possible. It is a surprise to notice that not much has changed in the way doors look since then!

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