1936, Sweden
starring I. Bergman

A dramatic story about the romance of a married, famous, middle-aged violinist and a young musician.

The two of them become couple, the violinist leaves his family and goes around Europe with his young girlfriend. However, family ties are hard to break, and he finally gets back to his wife and kids; but fate makes him pay a heavy price...

Although the staging is dated, what makes the difference is the unpretentious, mature social attitudes. There is no moralistic storytelling, and the couple's friends are discreet and honest. Projecting on screen a public, extra-marital affair is hard to get by even now, even more some 80 years ago in inter-war Europe, but perhaps Scandinavia was more liberal by that time. 

Ingrid Bergman is exemplary in the role that made her better-known, and Gösta Ekman equally thrilling.

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